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We've had loads of questions about Covid-19 and what's happening. Here are a few questions and our responses at the moment. Please be aware that these may change. I'm sure there are more questions, if so please feel free to contact us. We will update this page as often as we can. 8/1/2022

Are you open?

Yes, we're open - unless there are new government guidelines.

Can we still make a booking?

Yes, you can. All our bookings are provisional but would require a deposit to be confirmed.

Can we change our booking dates?

If there is an issue over your booking period (lockdown or isolating) we may be able to offer you the chance to rebook to another period , either later this year or next year. Please be aware that prices may vary according to when you rebook (low, mid or high season). We have tried to keep prices the same wherever possible and will keep pricing the same if you rebook for the same(ish) time next year.

How close are your safari tents to each other?

The tents, Taw and Torridge are 30 metres away from each other. Both are about 100m from the parking area.

What is your check-in process?

We operate a standard check-in where we welcome you to the site but aim to maintain a safe distance wherever practicable.

Do we share anything with other guests?

The following areas are shared but it is relatively easy to social distance.

  1. Parking area - a large area, we've allocated spaces for each tent

  2. Wood store

  3. Play barn - we've opened the play barn, asking you to clean down equipment you may use - before and after use

  4. Paths and access routes

  5. Recycling and waste areas - bins are provided which make this easy to socially distance

What equipment is dedicated to our tent?

Each tent has it's own grassed area, BBQ, hammock and fire pit, plus a trolley for getting wood and collecting your luggage.

Are the tents fully contained - shared toilets?

Each tent is self-contained you don't share washing, cooking or toilet facilities with anyone else.

What information is in the tent about the site and where we can go in the area?

These include guide books and welcome packs.

What can we do around the site?

You are free to walk around the site and adjoining fields and woods, but not to enter any buildings except for wood collection.

What cleaning equipment is there?

We have provided a range of cleaning equipment in each tent - for your use. This includes wipes, bleach, surface cleaner and disposable towels. If you can suggest anything else that you may need, please let us know. We have taken advice about this from consultant Environmental Health officers.

How do you do your cleaning between guests?

We do a thorough clean of each tent after it's been used and follow a cleaning procedure based upon a risk assessment for each area of the tent and site. We have taken all practicable steps in doing this but any suggestions gratefully received.

Do you supply linen and towels?

Yes, we provide each tent with their own linen and towels, based upon the number of guests. More is available for those emergency situations.

Do we need to do anything when we leave?

We ask that you leave the tents clean and tidy, as per our T&C's.

All rubbish and recycling is put in the appropriate bins at the parking area.

Linen (bedding) are put in the laundry bags provided, towels and bath mats can be left in the shower tray. This ensures minimal handling and keeps everyone as safe as practicable, we have set this up with our laundry providers.

Please wipe down as many surfaces and contact areas as you can. Every little helps.

What do we do if we find someone has Covid-19 in our party either before, during or after our stay?

Our guidance at the moment is:

Before arrival - please let us know as soon as you can, wherever possible we would try to arrange an alternative date. If we can fill the slot we may be able to offer a refund of your balance.

During your stay - this will be on an individual basis, depending on when you arrived. We would recommend trying to get home as soon as possible, we feel it's better to be at home rather than stuck away from home. We will provide as much assistance as we can and would not expect you to have to stay until the end of your booking. Once you have left we will deep clean the tent and surrounding area, and advise the next tent guests of the situation so that they can make a judgement about their stay.

After your stay - this would apply for up to two weeks after you leave, please let us know so that we can advise current guests, or those that have stayed after you. It is in everybody's interests that we are as open as possible about this and can take appropriate action to protect ourselves and loved ones.

With regard to this question we are seeking ongoing further advice from the government, glamping association organisations and our bookings provider, Canopy and Stars, who have been extremely supportive throughout this.

We want you to have a great break with us at Welcombe Meadow and are doing everything we can to achieve this. It's a challenging time for everybody but we believe that by following good practice and listening to you we can ensure you have a relaxing and memorable getaway - for the right reasons!

Bob & Mel

Welcombe Meadow

Covid-19 FAQ's

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