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It all starts when you arrive...

Nothing quite says “Glamping” more than freshly-made cake at Welcombe Meadow

Glamping has quickly become a popular way to go camping in style.

Victoria sponge

Whilst Welcombe Meadow’s camping experience involves luxurious amenities, it's the small touches that

can make the biggest difference. A freshly made cake is one of those touches. Although it’s all about experiencing the outdoors in comfort and style, it also includes having the perfect indulgent treat on arrival.

There is nothing quite like freshly-baked cake to make a glamping trip that much sweeter! Our guests say in their reviews that it is one of the best treats to have waiting for them, enjoyed on arrival with a cup of their favourite beverage, sitting out on the deck soaking up nature and the wildlife at Welcombe Meadow, unwinding from their journey.

My Victoria Sponge begins with a basic cake batter and there is no need for a recipe.

1. Just weigh the eggs (shells on) and use equal quantities of self raising flour, caster sugar, margarine and drop of vanilla.

2. To make a perfect light and fluffy sponge at Welcombe we sieve the flour to add extra air and fluffiness to the finished results.

3. Simply use the all-in-one method by placing all the ingredients into a bowl of a food processor with a whisk or use a hand whisk and beat until it looks light, creamy and fluffy.

4. Remember beforehand to pre-grease and line two Victoria Sponge tins and pre-heat the oven to 1800c/gas 5 for 20-25 minutes - depending on the oven you have.

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