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 Safety Info & Rules 

There area few things we need to make sure that you know, to make your stay as safe as possible.


Contact numbers

Contact Numbers

Welcombe Meadow


Doctors Surgery

Torrington Health Centre

Vets - Market Vet Centre

01769 615011

07733 117399

01769 560111

01805 622247


01769 574250

(South Molton)



The Parking Area is for you and any guests that you may have. It is also the Fire Point in the event of an Emergency. We ask that all guests park here and do not try to park near the tent. Please park so that you are not obstructing any gateways, each tent has it’s own parking area.


General info

General Info

The safari tent – Tsavo – is made and erected by Albion Canvas, based in Wellington, Somerset. The tent is constructed of a water repellent and fire retardant fabric. Please do not try to wash any spillages off the canvas as it can affect the fire retardancy. If anything does happen to the canvas or tent fabric, please let us know as soon as possible.

Electrical sockets are provided in each of the living areas, behind the beds and the sofa. There is also an additional socket in the kitchen by the fridge should you need it. The main consumer unit is situated in the utility cupboard, behind the toilet.

The water supply is from the mains and is suitable for drinking. In the event of a burst pipe or leakage, the main stop valve is in a small box behind the top tent.

Gas is provided for the boiler and has an automatic switch over so it should not run out mid-shower! Please do not try to change or adjust the gas cylinders, just let us know. Boiler water temperature is pre-set but can be adjusted if required, particularly in colder weather. The gas cylinder for the small stove must be turned off when not in use, particularly if no-one is in the tent.

We ask that you leave the tent as you find it, in a clean condition, with bedding linen placed in the laundry bag provided in the cupboard and towels in the other bag, both area labelled. Any damages or concerns should be reported as soon as possible.

The wood burning stove will be hot when in use, including the sides and back. Please be aware! A fire guard is provided to protect against children touching the sides and back. We strongly recommend that it is used at all times, particularly if children and animals are in the tent. The fire must be extinguished if no-one is in the tent and at night.


Lighting the stove

Lighting the stove

Fire can be dangerous, please use caution when lighting the stove.


Follow the instructions as outlined below and use the gloves when adding logs. Additional logs are available up at the wood store by the parking area, £5 per basket


The stove and chimney are insulated but will both be very hot when the stove is lit and when the stove is cooling down. Please take care when around the stove. A fire guard is provided.

  1. Ensure that the ash tray is not full, a little in the tray is fine

  2. Check that the air inlet above the firebox is open

  3. Make sure that the damping lever, above the oven is fully pushed in

  4. Remove any large unburnt wood from the fire box

  5. Place two firelighters on the grate

  6. Place about 4-6 pieces of kindling over the lighter in a criss-cross pattern

  7. Put 3-4 small pieces of wood on top of the kindling

  8. Open the ash tray by about 25mm (1”) to allow a draught to the fire

  9. Light the lighter, close the door and allow the kindling to light, it should start to crackle. The door must be closed to allow the fire to draw

  10. Once the kindling is light add 2-3 more small pieces of wood to the fire, take care to use gloves provided to avoid burns

  11. Continue to gradually add wood to the fire as required to keep a steady burn. Do not overload the fire. An overloaded fire will not burn as effectively – little and often is the trick

  12. Close the ash tray slightly but not fully to allow air to draw through the fire

  13. Opening the ash tray will allow the fire to draw quickly if it has burnt down and extra logs have just been put on

  14. To damp down the fire, push the ash tray in fully, close the air vent above the firebox and pull out the damping lever, above the oven


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